CD and DVD Production

CD and DVD Production



As a company, publisher or musician, you want to present yourself as professionally as possible. D.E. Versluis B.V. is here to help!

We offer you the opportunity to have your CD, DVD, company presentation, catalogue or other information, accurately and professionally duplicated.

How does it work?
You provide us with a master to be duplicated and a copy of the appropriate graphic layout (CD box, DVD box, digipack etc). Just tell us how many you want and let us do the rest!

We will advise you of the necessary dimensions/resolution or other relevant details which your master recording or graphic layout requires in order for us to be able to guarantee an outstanding product.

No idea how or just no time to design your own layout? We can do it for you at a very competitive hourly rate! You can also come and show us what you want while we work!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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