OpnameD.E. Versluis B.V. specialises in the recording of music. Our studio is mobile and compact and can be adapted to the location where the recording is to be made. As a result, we are uniquely equipped to record your concerts, meetings, hymn evenings, theme days etc on location. Recording is both our work and our hobby. We have a passion for the craft of making recordings and strive to achieve the best we can in producing a quality product. The number of microphones depends both on the location and the instrumentation or number of performers. Once this has been determined and the studio set up, the music making can begin… The performers decide the order in which the tracks are recorded and difficult passages can be repeated at their convenience. Any lingering mistakes can be removed later during the editing process and replaced with excerpts from other takes where the errors are absent.

Editing is the cutting and pasting of the original recording in order to obtain an optimal result. Mistakes in the recording can be removed and replaced with excerpts from another take. This is a process which demands precision and great care! At this stage, the recorded sound can also be optimised through the use of filtering, equalisers and other such tools.

Once all the pieces are in the right order, fragments edited and everything has been listened to, a concept master is prepared. This is then sent to the client for checking. Further tweaking can then be carried out if required. Only when the client is happy do we send this master to the factory for pressing. If the desired numbers are fewer than 300, we burn the discs ourselves using a special CD/DVD burner with seven deks set to a maximum speed of 12x for optimum quality. This quality is checked by taking regular samples during the copying process.

OpnameGraphic Design
An important element of the proposed CD release is the graphic design and this is something to which we pay special attention. Good photos are essential for a good layout and D.E. Versluis use a high quality digital camera with tripod to produce beautiful, atmospheric images. We work with the client to determine the requirements for the graphic design and which information the CD texts are required to include. We then provide a pdf first draft for the customer’s comments. All corrections and changes are then applied and a definitive pdf is prepared, with the necessary bleed lines etc for use by the printer. The factory then produces the CD or DVD. For print commissions, the final product is assembled in house by us on receipt of the artwork.

And after all this has been done? You take away your new visiting card!


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